The New Year


Welcome to 2016!

We hope everyone had a great and safe holiday and enjoyed some time off to visit with family and friends.

Here at Restore 'N' Decor, we did all of that plus more.  We are in the process of revamping this big beautiful warehouse.  Having a warehouse for a store is like having a blank canvas, so much room to play with.

This year our goal is to create a wonderful showroom which is already in progress and to continue pleasing our amazing customers.

Having this new showroom, you will be able to see flooring designs in ways you have never imagined.  We can help you achieve your vision.  Please come in and see the progress happening.  Everyday it changes.

Another addition was added. Shopping will be made easier with our Kiosk in a box.  What is a Kiosk in a box you ask?  When you come into the store searching for a piece of furniture or a whole room to furnish and do not see it on  the floor, you can scroll through the kiosk (computer) of in stock items. It's easy, it's fun and there is a lot to choose from.

We would like to offer you 20% off one regular priced piece of furniture for the month of January.

    Showroom coming together                                                                  Kiosk In a Box

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